Husbandry & Full Agency Services.


We provide full agency, husbandry and protective agency services in all of the Uruguayan ports and anchor-service areas.

Argelan Ships Service is here to take care of your interests, wherever your operation takes place.

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Pre-arrival planing

We deal with the pre-arrival planning for your port call, including e.g. coordination of vessel service, cargo and necessary documentation.
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Post departure follow up

We prepare thorough follow-up with information and communication regarding the cost and disbursement accounts.
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All in-port services

We handle all in-port services needed, such as vessel boarding, monitoring of vessel operations and coordination of booked services, i.e. tank cleaning.
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Crew Change

We are able to significantly cut your costs through our offer of accommodation, transportation and launch hire services.
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Any payments to your Master and the crew are handled professionally with the assistance of security services wherever necessary.
Your funds are safe with us.
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Spare Parts

Because of the custom facilities offered in Uruguay, and our professional expertise, we are able to securely coordinate, transport and deliver spare parts on board 24 hours after its arrival.

Protective agency for shipowners and charterers


We know the local and state regulations, as well as port information, restrictions, supplier cost levels, etc.


We scrutinize the DA to ensure you are not overcharged and to keep your operations on schedule e.g. verifying that pilots are on time and that the correct number of tug boats is ordered.


We follow straight course and compliance principles. With a protective agent, you can settle the PDA and funds through us, giving you more control over shipper or receivers agent as we are better positioned to challenge them with local know-how.


We will carefully revise the SOF in order to always protect your interest, and avoid any misunderstanding with not requested items.


We are at your full service 24/7 during loading and discharging operations to assist and intervene with shippers/receivers agent as requested and if applicable.

Success stories

Innovation in logistics

In a business full of maps drawn and routes covered, we like to take a different direction.

We offer innovative solutions that drive value for our customers and reduce their time and investment in transportation.
When the traditional route indicated that we had to undertake the transport by sea and land, we chose to review the logistics circuit and to seek tailor-made solutions. For the first time in Uruguay a transshipment of rails from an ocean-going vessel was executed entirely by inland waterway from Nueva Palmira to Paysandú. A milestone in the history of our business. A business success for our customer.

We know the bussiness

Our focus in each project is to provide the best experience possible for our customers and support them in reaching their goals.

We know the business. Our challenge is the optimization of each step, minimizing costs for our clients and maximizing the value of our proposition.


Montevideo is a multipurpose port operating all types of vessels and cargoes such as containers, break bulks, ro/ro, cruise ships. It is also a free port offering storage service for “in transit” cargoes to other countries, cargoes are exempted of import taxes. It possesses one dedicated container terminal and a grain terminal.

Uruguay | Montevideo

  Luis Alberto de Herrera 1183 suite 004
  M to F from 9 to 18 hrs - S from 9 to 13 hrs
  +598 2628 0822
  AOH (24/7): +598 96 424 393

Argentina | Buenos Aires
Uruguay | Montevideo

  Luis Alberto de Herrera 1183 suite 004
  M to F from 9 to 18 hrs - S from 9 to 13 hrs
  +598 2628 0822
  AOH (24/7): +598 96 424 393

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